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Frankfurt Metro - S Bahn & U Bahn


Is Frankfurt your destination? It does not matter if you are at Frankfurt for business or leisure, Frankfurt Metro can provide a cost effective, quick solution to move around. Whether you want to go to the main shopping street - Zeil, visiting the trade fair – Messe or need to catch a flight, using trains would be the quickest and the most economical way. It has detailed metro rail map, route planner, euro converter with travel tips & other useful information.

With the detailed metro map with the station locator you can skip carrying a paper map. This app for iphone & ipad covers entire Frankfurt Metropolis with its suburbs for S & U bahn trains. The entire app works offline except the euro converter exchange rate update. Euro converter also works offline while the data connection is unavailable with the last updated currency rates.


  • Searchable map of Frankfurt Metro – S & U bahn with zoom in-out
  • Detailed route map with connections between any two train stations
  • Option to add stations & routes for quick recall
  • Travel info for visiting Frankfurt trade fair - Messe
  • Airport transfer info – For Frankfurt Main & Hahn (Budget airport near Frankfurt)
  • Euro converter
  • Tickets and other related info

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