UI and UX Design

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Mobile devices are now used for everything from banking to gaming – so user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design has never been more important. Mallow has an exclusive UI and UX design team that ensures that our design philosophy follows a methodical approach to understanding the purpose of the app and its users. We formulate a design pattern style guide for the user interface, comprising of the unique combination of design patterns (e.g. search patterns, navigation patterns, colour, controls, menus, widgets, etc.) that become the core of customer experience design.

We provide you with integrated and cost efficient App UI/UX design services. With Mallow, we offer you peace of mind, by offering quality UI/UX services at a great price. Our designer’s artistic simplicity will help you in achieving the ease to the user.

Core Activities


The most important UI and UX designs are done with high level of proficient tools like Sketch , Zeplin, etc., These tools produce high quality user interface which helps the user navigate easily on the page.

sketch UI and UX Design


idraw UI and UX Design