Internet of Things

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Internet of Things is growing exponentially. Business Intelligence is defining the future of all applications and IoT plays the key role is shaping it up. Especially in the connected environments, the machine to machine communications has been increased tremendously. IoT serves as the way to make the most out of the machine to machine communication and eases the usage for the human.

The early adopters will have a greater deal of advantage over the followers in enjoying the market share. And for the early adopters, innovation and user experience play a key role in experimenting with this technology. Inter-channel and inter-platform communication advancement paved way for developing new value proposition to the customers.

- We design and develop customer specific applications
- We develop vertical-specific applications to suit the needs
- We take care of the cloud and server integration of the devices
- We develop the complete software solution for the IoT devices
- We design the UX/UI for the mobile devices
- We work in the technology such as AWS IoT and rails to enable ease of access

Business Benefits

" When wireless is perfectly applied the whole earth will be converted into a huge brain... "

Nikola Tesla

This project monitors the parameters like Speed, location, temperature etc., of trucks & trailers. Its an web app developed in the ROR platform. This project is mainly developed for monitoring of the trucks and the trailers by large transport companies in which they have to monitor 100s of them....

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Logistics Intelligence


Home Automation

ControlleX is a small device that can send signals to all types of remotes in your home, including remotes for air conditioning, fans, lights, fountains, radio, TV, or garage doors, in order to help you control all of these through your phone. It stands out from other products because it works with all remote controls, not just smart appliances...

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