Bubbleology is a well known UK based coffee shop which marks its presence in U.S.A, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, U.A.E as well. We have created the iOS and Android app for them.

With the app a user will be able to order a refreshing drink for himself. A variety of “Bubble Teas” are available for the user to choose from.

This app has unique features like loyalty program, which adds loyalty points to the user’s account on every purchase. These points will be cumulated for 9 teas and the user can get the 10th tea for free.

The app also has interesting features like ‘Favourites’ to add favourite teas to the list and order them easily from there. It also uses GPS to hint the user about the nearest store and also locates the store on the map making it easier for the user to locate the shop.

The app supports Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn login.