Logistics Intelligence


This project provides the complete solution to logistical needs in Canada and US. In this project, the core concept is to monitor and analyse the performance of the assets used by the logistic company. Due to the availability of the GPS chips and various parameters monitoring sensors, its possible to integrate these with the modern digital world.

We have various methods to get the data from assets, like using Android phones, installing pre programmed devices to the engine ELD module. These will basically collect the data and transfer this to a cloud based system, where the gathered data will be manipulated according to customer needs. Later these will be updated in live to end customers in a web app.

Some of the Key features to note are
⁃ Electronic Hours of Service logbook integration
⁃ Canadian and US HOS violation rules integration
⁃ Reports module to pass the data to Legal authorities
⁃ Live Updates in Map
⁃ Analysis of Driver and Asset performance
⁃ Ability to see the past trips
⁃ Live messaging between drivers and fleet managers
⁃ Assigning new loads to available drivers and much more…