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Garden Compass


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Don't know how to take care of the plants in your yard or garden?

Spotted a fantastic flower on your walk. Want to know its name and will it grow in your area?

Want help knowing what to do in your yard and garden and when to do it? Just press a green button on the home screen and your questions will be answered by the Experts. Its your own personal garden care taker!

Don't forget to slide the home screen left or right to open a new door to all kinds of garden info and your personalized garden care calendar.

From first bloomers to seasoned gardeners, now everyone can have a garden expert in their pockets with this app. Our worldwide team of experts provides the name and a touch of advice about any plant, pest or disease through the photos you submit. You can also have a quick chat with them about your puzzling plant or intrusive pest.

Our green-fingered friends don't stop there. They can also take a peek into your digital garden and tell you what you need to do each month along with the tools to do it. No need to know what category or zone you are in, our experts do all the work for you.

This app helps you to grow Smarter Gardens putting fun back in your yard and garden.