The leading mobile app for photo enthusiasts everywhere

Phokl 4 adds a raft of new features to what's becoming the leading app for iOS-based photography enthusiasts.

Phokl provides the photo enthusiast with everything you need to further develop your love of the art of photography.

- Sophisticated real-time advanced filters and blends, including direct access to edit features such as contrast, saturation and brightness when taking photos.

- All new Photo Challenges to join in competitions and stretch your inner photographer.

- A rich, global photographic community to share welcome feedback on your works.

- Access to some of the world's best photography blogs from which you can save favourite articles for later reading and stay on top of trending posts.

- Rich metadata on every photo, so you can learn from others' techniques, and deep search specific photo attributes like DOF and focal length ranges.

- Integrated mapping to allow you to not only see where images were taken, but also get step-by-step directions to get there yourself!

- Real-time camera effects, so you can see the impact of exposure, saturation, contrast and many other adjustments right in the view-finder, allowing you to take the perfect iPhone or iPad photo.

- Rich post-production composition, edit and blend effects. Explore new techniques and rediscover your creative side with a rich array of editing and blending options.

- Accumulate cool Photographer Achievements to strive towards the ultimate accolade from your peers, the Phokl Pro Master Accreditation.

- Follow your favourite photographers, track their progress and commentaries, and develop your own following of enthusiasts from around the world.

- Fully optimised for the iPhone 6, 6 Plus and the latest iPads.

Phokl is designed and optimised for the iOS experience and is available exclusively for the iPad, iPhone and compatible iPod Touch models. It was built to share the love of photography - enjoy!

Please download and accept our heartfelt welcome to the world of Phokl - the Leading Mobile App for Photo Enthusiasts.