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By installing this application you’ll be contributing to help improve a soon-to-be released seizure detection and monitoring service. The Soterria applicaSoterria Seizure Alert helps give you and your caregivers peace of mind by allowing you to easily alert friends and family if you are about to have a seizure.

With one click on your Android watch or phone, Soterria Seizure Alert records the movement pattern of your seizure and, every 30 seconds, texts your location and how long you've been having the seizure, to your list of up to 25 caregivers. The app also gives an audio alert to anyone nearby - with instructions on how to provide you assistance. You can even add 911 emergency services as one of your caregivers - so they can also receive a text and location. The app continues to send texts every 30 seconds until the app is turned off by drawing a pattern on the screen.

The alert begins in a non-intrusive way - by asking how you are doing - to give you a chance to interrupt the alerting process if you accidentally hit the seizure button - before the text alerts go out.

The motion of your seizure is recorded onto our server where, in our upcoming version, algorithms are tailored so that the app (using your Android watch - and to a more limited extent your Android phone) can automatically detect that you're having a seizure (versus walking, biking, dancing, etc.) and send the alerts without you having to push the seizure button.

Soterria Seizure Alert works with any Android smart phone and any Android watch. The watch is optional - but when the app is able to detect seizures, it will detect them much more accurately if you are also wearing an Android watch. By wearing an Android watch now, you will be helping us build an even more accurate seizure detection application.