PHP-Laravel Web App Development

Planning & execution are Highly Perfect !!

Mallow Tech develops web applications that are aligned with the strategic business objectives of our clients. We create web apps that meet your functional requirements along with availability, scalability and performance needs as well. We have a well-trained web development team who offer development services from conceptual design to implementation, quality control, release, upgrades and maintenance.

With the ever-changing market demand and trends, business is looking for a more personalised web development according to their needs. PHP – a server side scripting language, is one of the essential parts of web development and is used as a most important programming language. PHP enables to build outstanding and complex web applications. With the flexibility in terms of design and functionality, PHP Development has become the need of the hours since they provide wonderful results. It is also the main technique applied in developing dynamic web pages.

We build custom websites that carry our mark of excellence and are in complete sync with your business. Entrust us with e-commerce development for feature-packed and high performance online storefronts. Whether you require an internal business portal or a web portal, we have the perfect solution for you. We deliver responsive and cross-platform web applications that enhance the reach of your business manifold.

Core Activities


Technical PHP tools such PHP Storm, Eclipse and NetBeans are used for developing apps and products. Apart from this phpMyAdmin and Filezilla are used to help the process. Majorly Laravel framework is used in the development process.



php strom

PHP Storm









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