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To err is human, Testing is to fix it

We provide software testing services individually too. Various testing such as unit testing, integration testing, system testing and user acceptance testing are done for every product so that the ultimately available tested product should perform true to the requirement of the creator.

Testing and quality assurance methods are used to detect and prevent defects in the products we deliver. This testing services are usually done to protect the image of corporate business and to ensure the quality of the company. Testing costs are important so that, the testing services should be done with utmost care to detect errors in the software at the first time itself. The digital transformation is at peak by having it’s customer value in front so, valuing the customers it’s the corporate duty to give them the best and quality filled products and services.

To err is human, so testing services do not come under the negative impacts instead they are good for a trial run, detecting the bugs and fixing them. The simplicity and predictability of this process have a lot of positive effects – from team morale and cohesion to delivery on time with high quality. Testing services are an ethical and moral way of delivering the product/services. Our testing team consists of individuals of high critical thinking. When a product is approved by our team it indeed works in a perfect way in all possible scenarios.

Core Activities


In the testing process, various tools are used for the process such as test automation, test managing and bug tracking. For the Test management process test link is used. For the process of bug tracking, Mantisbt is used. Apart from this for the purpose of automation, the tools such as Selenium web driver and iMacros are used.

mantisBT Software Testing Services


selenium webdriver Software Testing Services

Selenium Webdriver