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Real people, committed to your success.

Powered by Passion

As a service company, Mallow has become accustomed to how consumer tastes can change quickly. Mallow is open to new ideas and influences, and quick to react to changing trends. Mallow prides on its self-discipline, the ability to budget time, meet deadlines, and work independently under pressure.

Cost vs Quality

Mallow has been built on the philosophy: Program like you mean it. The organization is rooted in the core ideology of value for the money. The cost incurred is typically Indian but the Quality is benchmarked with the Universal standards.


Mallow being a member of NASSCOM, has collaborated with individuals, startups, small and medium businesses helping them in making their ideas into reality. Mallow brings their dedication to every project undertaken. This makes the organization trustable among the others. It differentiates Mallow from the clutter.

Clean Code

Clean code is the basic principle followed in every project. The codes written can be compared to any expert written code of the top 10 organization. The codes are given utmost care and follows the algorithm to the tee. This helps the client to understand what has been written for the development and allows them to iterate for the future use.

On time every time

Time plays a rather important role in the software development. Mallow stresses the importance of the on time delivery. On time, every time is the motto with which the deadlines are approached for any project

Credibility & Trust

Mallow also has a strong passion for business strategy and product development. Mallow provides high level, holistic direction across design, technology and business perspectives which strategically translate into profitable and engaging interactive end-products that consumers want and need.

Work given is work done

Mallowians are a passionate, purpose-led group of people who work as an integrated whole on creating attractive and user friendly mobile and web apps. With Mallow, your ideas will be purposely created to apps that cater to your specific needs.






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