OneFlexo is formulated for a digital prepress manufacturer to keep client communications and tracking flow of the prepress, compact and handy. 

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Ongoing since Sep 2016

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Oneflexo is a Web application developed to ease the digital prepress manufacturing process. Earlier, the overall process included several steps from Ordering to tracking the prepress till delivery which required involvement of various departments. This app cumulates all these steps together in one screen where every stage of the process becomes simple, visible, traceable & correctable.



The prepress user(operator) has the unique feature known as FlexoProof, where all the amendments are done to convert the rough work to an incredible artwork. After these, the artwork will be notified to the client for review and once accepted, the digital prepress will be made ready to be delivered. Once a registered client uploads a file, requirements are pre-inspected for validating and confirming. Then Flexoproof tab is used to customise the prepress from minor to major technical adjustments, to meet the client’s requirements. Then the artwork will be shared with the client for feedback and the final copy will be delivered after end corrections if any.

Using their login, clients can create Jobs, upload their rough work, and list their requirements or specifications for the prepress to be amended. They can track and give feedback at any stage, that may be rectified and confirmed back by the production team. After these, the client will be receiving the artwork that has to be approved, and then the final digital prepress will be delivered to them. Production login is used by the production user, where they can list their jobs under respective categories like action, running, etc. Flexoproof tab plays a major role in the production, thereby making amendments easy and handy.

The External light Box users will be able to access the particular prepress with a link. This type of user will not be having any login, but can view only the particular prepress for which the link is shared with them. Admin users will be able to control all other users and they can only create logins for other user types. The soul objective of this app is to make the complete process of digital prepress automated, and traceable for all channels of people involved.

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Oneflexo application keeps the client posted on every stage of the progress and gets their feedback all through the process. Flexoproof tab is unique thereby standing as a single display for complete tracking of prepress and giving the end client a visualized output.

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