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Mallow offers services to its customers right from understanding their needs and providing the best solution at the best possible price. We work in three major domains: Web, iOS and Android. We serve as a one stop solution where we analyse your requirements and design a solution involving all or any of these three major domains. It is extremely important that coordination is flawless and project management is efficient to make a product successful across the cloud. We take care of this and ensure quality service across these platforms. Your success will be our success and your satisfaction remain our ultimate goal.

Mallow Tech offers iOS Application Development services with the expertise and experience to build scalable & secured iPhone & iPad apps. We will take care of the entire Development Lifecycle ranging from conceptualisation, designing, development, integration, testing, app store deployment and maintenance.
We have an experienced and well trained iOS application development team. Our iOS developers are capable of creating quality iOS applications customised to your requirements and business needs. Having already worked with different clients, we are confident that we can cater to all types of iOS application development requirements.

Core Activities

  • Application Architecture and design.
  • User Interface design.
  • Implementation Services.


  • Objective C, Swift
  • Cocoa Touch
  • iOS 8.x, 9.x
  • Xcode 6.x, 7.x
  • Core Data / SQLite Database
  • RESTful APIs
Android has become one of the most prominent technology platforms available for Mobile Application Development. Growing steadily, we have extended our domain into Android. We would provide full scale Android development services according to the client’s requirements. We will take care of the entire Development Lifecycle ranging from conceptualisation, designing, development, integration, testing, play store deployment and maintenance.

Core Activities

  • Application Architecture and design.
  • User Interface design.
  • Implementation Services.


  • JDK (Latest Version)
  • ADT Bundle (Android Studio, SDK)
 Mallow Tech develops web applications that are aligned with the strategic business objectives of our clients. We create web apps that meet your functional requirements along with availability, scalability and performance needs as well. Our Technology Mix covers PHP and Ruby on Rails. We have a well-trained web development team who offer development services from conceptual design to implementation, quality control, release, upgrades and maintenance.

PHP Development

With the ever-changing market demand and trends, businesses is looking for a more personalised web development according to their needs. PHP – a server side scripting language, is one of the essential parts of web development and is used as a most important programming language. PHP enables to build outstanding and complex web applications. With the flexibility in terms of design and functionality, PHP Development has become the need of the hours since they provide wonderful results. It is also the main technique applied in developing dynamic web pages.

Ruby on Rails Development

Ruby on Rails is an efficient web application, open source development framework. With this framework, the web application development process takes minimum time log removing the barrier of prolonged processes. We use the powerful tools of RoR to create web applications for different business needs.

Core Activities

  • Custom web development
  • Real time web applications
  • Content Management Systems (CMS) - WordPress
  • eCommerce development - OpenCart


  • PHP 5.x
  • Ruby 2.x, Rails 4.x
  • PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • WordPress
  • OpenCart
  • jQuery, Backbone, Underscore
  • Foundation, Bootstrap
  • Heroku, Openshift

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General Process

Mallow’s development process promotes a result focused approach and ensures better service to clients with regards to being innovative, informative, user friendly, quality driven, cost conscious and above all understanding customer’s goals, without compromising any of these factors.

Requirement Gathering

This is the first and crucial phase which sets the tone for rest of the process. It is not always true that people of the company who need software solutions are aware of exactly what they want and how to do it. This is where, we play an important role in interacting with the client to understand their issue and the solution that would turn their issue into an advantage. We gather information, exchange emails, have interactive sessions, provide options to finally arrive at a suitable solution for them.
Output: Documentation of the Current issue and the software solution.

Wireframe Creation

Wireframes are pictorial representation of the software solution with basic and important information of the software product that will be made. It contains the layouts, placements, features etc of the important screens of the software solution. This brings us and the client into the same page without any difference in understandings, if any.
Output: Wireframes of important screens of the software solution.

Solution Architecture

This is the first and important phase in the technical part as the basic architecture, technological decisions, services to be used, functional requirements and many other points are decided to make the software solution a success. This process is undertaken by our technical team under the guidance of our Technical Director and Project Director with utmost care to make use of the available software options to the best of our use. Factors like resource optimisation, performance, security, scalability, etc are considered and discussed with the client before arriving at the final architecture.
Output: Solution Architecture Document.

Ball Park Estimate

Cost is always an important deciding factor and it is natural for the clients to expect the possible cost that they might incur for this software solution. So we make sure that we give them a ball park estimate with the available information including the cost of the external service if we are planning to include them. We take this as an opportunity to modify the solution architecture due to cost reasons before the implementation phase.
Output: Ball Park Estimate.

Final Estimation

The difference between the previous phase and this is the amount of work and the details that we work on to arrive at a more accurate estimate. The modules, tasks, type of resources required, effort required by each resource are all worked in detail and a clear list of these are provided to the client. This explains the client not only the more accurate cost, but also where their money is spent on.
Output: Detailed Estimate with modules, tasks, type of resource and effort required.

Set Milestones

Scheduling and planning are very important in particular situations where the process is already handled manually or by any other software. We split the work to be done into key milestones and prepare a schedule. This plan details the tasks to be covered in each milestone, sets the order in which milestones are executed and the schedule for completion of each milestone. This certainly helps the client to plan other related activities.
Output: A detailed Milestone Plan.

Resource Plan

It is the resources that decide the quality of the software solution. So we take utmost care in allocating the best suitable resource for the project. Based on the resource type planned during the estimation, the best suitable resource is allocated to the project from the pool of resources we have. We also make sure to educate the resources about the previous phases to make sure there is no shortcomings in implantation from what is planned.
Output: Resource allocation to the project.

Mitigation Plan

Software solutions are capable of making our day to day activities more simple and easy. In the process of creating and during the use of software solutions, we are bound to face few risks. This phase is to try and predetermine the possible risks and arrive at an optimal solution so that the impact of the risks are reduced and does not affect the basic necessity of the software solution.
Output: Mitigation Plan and possible solutions.

Communication Plan

We strongly believe that this is the era of communication and a proper communication channel is very important for any process to succeed. That is why, we prepare a clear communication plan containing details of the resources involved in the project, resources in change of the day to day communications, project managers, escalation procedures, etc so that the client is clear on the resource to contact based on the situation.
Output: Communication Plan Document.

Technical Architecture

This is the phase that sets the actual implementation of the project where a very detailed technical architecture is prepared. This includes the table design, database design, controller design, process design, etc are all made. We make sure to consider as much as possible use case scenarios (in case of agile methodology) and ensure that the design is built with top quality in all the scenarios. This process is undertaken by the Technical Director and Project Director along with the resources involved in the project.
Output: Technical Design of the software solution.


This is the phase where the actual coding work is done. The designs and plans made in the earlier phases are implemented here. We have our internal process and structure to make sure that the implementation does not differ from the plan made earlier. We also make sure that the milestone plan is followed and the schedules are met.
Output: Initial Beta Version.

UI Design

UI/UX are important factors of a software solution as they are the front ends that defines the user experience. We have our own design team to handle the UI design and we are also open to coordinate with an external UI design team. The implementation phase and UI design phase are worked concurrently so that the initial beta version has the UI components in phase.
Output: Beta Version with complete UI.

Test Plan

This is the phase which provides the Test plan of the project. This includes the Testing strategies, defining bug tracking procedures, divide Design specifics into testable areas and sub-areas, identify testing risks, identify required resources, and provide testing schedule.
Output: Test Plan of the software solution.

Testing and Report generation

The beta version is subjected to through testing to make sure the product works flawlessly and provides the desired solution. We handle testing through unit testing and tools available for testing critical parameters. We are also open to coordinate with an external testing team. The test results are fed back to the development team and appropriate corrections are made. Also, the test report is generated which contains the information on the Summary, Test Design effort, Test execution effort, number of test cases executed, number of defects and their classification, breakdown of bugs by severity and priority, Test coverage and discussion of unresolved risks.
Output: Test Report and improved version ready for deployment.

Deployment Plan

Once we are done with the application development work, the deployment plan is prepared. This outlines the scope, approach and execution planned for the deployment of the project deliverables. The plan includes relevant information about the system support, issue tracking, escalation processes, roles and responsibilities before, during and after deployment. This also defines all the work steps for complete deployment.
Output: Deployment Plan of the software solution.


Deployment can be very critical, in particular where an existing setup performs the work. We employ options like versioning, version control, migration, etc to make sure the solution is deployed and performs as desired.
Output: Deployment of the software.

Support Maintenance

We take care to avoid any bugs in the software we make. Unfortunately, if there are any bugs in the software, we provide free support for 3 months from the date of deployment for bug fixing. Using the software for 3 months would most probably show up the bugs, if any and by the time our support ends, the software is good and performs its desired function flawlessly.
Output: Fine tuned software in Production.

Change Request Maintenance

As business grows, it is always required to make changes and improvements to cope with the growth and changes. So, we take the request from the clients to make improvements and changes in the software and implement the same. We can also provide a maintenance solution where we take care of the software that is in production and make the necessary fine tuning to make sure it serves the client's business needs flawlessly.
Output: Implementing Change Request of the software solution.

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What They Say

Kamal and the team at Mallow Technologies constantly impress with the professionalism, proactivity and quality of their work. I am both impressed and happy with the consistent high quality outcomes they achieve. I can give no better recommendation than my own repeat business with the team, and my willingness to recommend them to both close friends and valued colleagues. I love working with these guys.Gayan Benedict
I was VERY impressed with MallowTech for the development of our iPhone app. They provided a very high level of code, were responsive to questions, provided frequent updates and feedback, and delivered a really remarkable product on time. I absolutely plan an using them again for future work. Thanks!.Eric Piazza
Top notch professionals, great communication and highly recommended. I've worked with them on a few apps now and they always deliver. Patrice Archer
This was our second experience of working with MallowTech and again, we can only thank them for their professional working practices, excellent code quality and obvious pride in their work. Excellent product and we have had great feedback from our users in the changes to this version. Thanks again guys.Marc Kershaw & John Waters
This team is awesome to work with and we will continue to do so!Jeff Dracup
Well, it seems we're establishing a bit of a pattern with MallowTech. They continue to do phenomenal work developing iOS apps, and we'll continue to throw work their way. Kamal and his team are always prompt in their response and to identify issues. It was a pleasure working with them, and we look forward to many more projects in the future.Jeremy Frank
I was very happy with the professionalism, quality of work, and in particular the level of communication skill and anticipation that the team demonstrated.Gayan
Professional, courteous, good english and willing to work with clients to attain the results desired. Working with them, that have a positive and can do attitude is a breath of fresh air. Highly recommended.Patrice
I highly recommend this contractor to anyone looking to have a high quality application developed. All the team has the knowl- edge required to make the app how you would like it to be. I changed my mind multiple times regarding features of the app and the team were quick to adjust, analyze and offer me options for my new changes. Will use again.Ryan
It was an absolute pleasure working with Manivel and MallowTech. They did an unbelievable job with our iPhone/iPad app and were very responsive to our needs. We will definitely be using them again in the future. Cannot recommend them enough!Jeremy Frank, Neenah Paper
MallowTech have produced a great product for us. They were very patient with us on this version as we were making several changes on the fly, but MallowTech were able to flex with us and they provided the control on scope and requirements that we desperately needed on this version. Again, great feedback so far on this very differ- ent version and we can only thank them for their efforts and professionalism. Can't wait to work with them again.Marc Kershaw & John Waters, Outlate
Mallow Tech provided a great app. I'd not hesitate to use them again and am already planning new projects with them. Very helpful and responsive.Brendan, Fitness
On time, on budget and great comms. Loved the weekly builds for me to review. Well done team.Patrice & Oli, ICF Bern
As usual, very impressed and satisfied working with this professional outfit. I will hire again (and again!)Patrice & Oli, Chemoscore
Second app with Mallow Tech and am hoping to develop more with them soon. Would not hesitate to use them again. Professional and courteous as well.Brendan, Habit App

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